We expect all students to participate at all occasions below, as there will be compulsory assignments, exercises etc. Any absence has to be agreed upon prior to class.


Period 3 – Market Opportunity Analysis

Jan 17th 09:00-12:00, D32, Introduction

Jan 19th (07:30)08:00-09:30, IVA Konferenscenter Grev Turegatan 16, World Bank Doing Business Report 2017, registration at

Jan 20th 10.00-12.00, D33, Global challenges, Pontus Braunerhjelm, see pre-reads

Jan 24th 09.00-12.00, D35, Trends 9:00-11:00, Seminar: Scale and scope, see pre-reads, 11:00-12:00

Jan 27th 10.00-12.00, D33, Seminar: Boundaries of the firm, see pre-reads

Jan 31st 09.00-12.00, L42, Foresighting

Feb 3th 10.00-12.00, D35, Disruptive Industry Change

Feb 7th 09.00-12.00, INDEK 243, Value Creation, Per Lindstedt, Value Model, 9:00-11:00, Seminar: Entry, see pre-reads 11:00-12:00.

Feb 10th 10.00-12.00, D35, Value, Value Networks, Ecosystem Roles

Feb 14th 09.00-12.00, INDEK 243, Value Networks Exercise 9-11, Seminar: Exit, see pre-reads 11-12

Feb 17th 10.00-12.00, D35, Strategy & Blue Oceans – CANCELED!

Feb 20th 09.00-11.00, INDEK 243, Optional session regarding the exam

Feb 21st 09.00-12.00, sing sing floor 5N, Optional main assignment coaching, by appointment (

Feb 24th 10.00-12.00, Q17 and Q26, Exam

Feb 28th 09.00-12.00, INDEK 243, Presentation Dry Runs & Coaching

Mar 3rd 09.00(!)-12.00, Birger Jarlsgatan 7, Assignment presentations at QVARTZ

Period 4 – Business Creation Approach

Mar 21st 09.00-12.00, D33, Introduction Second Half and Strategy & Blue Oceans

Mar 24th 10.00-12.00, INDEK 443, Ideation

Mar 28th 09.00-12.00 INDEK 443, Business Modeling

Mar 31st 10.00-12.00 Wrapp Torsgatan 4, In search of a working BM, Aage Reerslev

Apr 4th 09.00-12.00, D33, Lean Startup, Andy Cars

Apr 5th 10.00-12.00, No seminar!

Apr 7th 10.00(!)-12.00, INDEK 443, Value Model 2 – CANCELED/POSTPONED!

Apr 18th 09.00(!)-12.00, INDEK 443, Writing solid and convincing texts, Olle Bergman

Apr 19th 09.00-12.00, No seminar!

Apr 21st 10.00-12.00, SEB Kungsträdgårdsgatan 8, Venture evaluation, David Sonnek, SEB

Apr 25th 09.00-12.00, INDEK 443, Design Thinking, PwC/Pond

Apr 28th 10.00-12.00, INDEK 443, Finance & funding Stakeholder analysis and avoiding dependencies

May 2nd 09.00-12.00, INDEK 443, Value Model 2 9-11, Seminar: TBD, see pre-reads 11-12

May 5th 10.00-12.00, INDEK 443, Strategy and tactics

May 9th 09.00-12.00, INDEK 443, Stakeholder and risk analysis and avoiding dependencies

May 12th 10.00-12.00, sing sing floor 5N, Optional main assignment coaching, by appointment (

May 16th 09.00-12.00, INDEK 443, Presentation Dry Runs & Coaching

May 19th 09.00-12.00, BCG Gustav Adolfs Torg 18, Assignment presentations at BCG

May 23rd 10.00-12.00, INDEK 243, Summary & Extension