Literature & pre-reads


Economics of Strategy – International Student Version by David Besanko, David Dranove, Mark Shanley, Scott Schaefer, 6th edition, Wiley (2012)

Later editions will also work but be a ware of the the reading instruction then may nedd adjustments.

Readings prior to class

19/1 – Non

20/1 – Non

24/1 – Chapter 2, page 61 to 82, and Chapter 3 in Economics of Strategy

27/1 – Chapters 8 in Economics of Strategy

Kahin, B., 2016. Digitization and the Digital Economy. Available at SSRN 2782906. Download the full paper.

Wennberg, K., Isaksson, D., 2016. “Digitalisation and collective value creation”. In Bergström, A., Wennberg, K. (Eds.), Machines, jobs and equality, pp. 65-86.

7/2 – Chapter 6 in Economics of Strategy (focus on Entry)

Geroski, P., (1995), What do we know about entry? International Journal of Industrial Organisation, 13, 4:421-440. (Available on Bilda, if you have an issue downloading. You need to be logged in on the KTH network for some of the downloads.)

14/2 – Chapter 6 in Economics of Strategy (focus on Exit)

Bates, T., (2005), Analysis of young, small firms that have closed: delineating successful from unsuccessful closures, Journal of Business Venturing, 20, 343-350

Additional readings may be added later. Check here prior to class for the latest updates.

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