Due Tuesday January 17th at 09:00. Read the post Let’s do a “Jeff Bezos”! Look at the video and give your views as a short comment to the post. Please use your real name (or an alias so we can understand who you are, like Pelle K or Stina R) and use a real and active e-mail (will not be publicly visible). Please take into account that this is an open site. Please comment the other students comments if you like. The first comment you post need approval, so it may take a a while before you see the comment.

Due Friday January 20th at 10:00. Mail Martin ( a short (less than 100 words) presentation of yourself. Include who you are/what you study and why you have chosen this course/track. The presentation will be published on the public course site.

Individual assignment 1 – Due Tuesday January 24 at 09:00

Find a trend in the Economist issue handed out today*). Suggest how the (predicted) trend/shift can result in new significant business opportunities. Size a specific opportunity. This is an exercise and you are free to chose any opportunity later for the main assignment. Present all above in one slide. Convert the slide into pdf format and mail the slide to Martin,

*If you were not present today, then buy your own copy of the latest issue of the Economist. Or get one Friday January 20th.

Main group assignment – Due dates to be communicated later

“Find, develop and sell us a business venture concept with the potential of reaching EUR 100 million in turnover within 5 years”
Scope and limitations:

  • Address a global challenge
  • Change, actual or potential, driven by technology
  • Defined taker
  • For decision, within 12 months, by taker
  • Not to promote your own existing business idea
  • Should be possible for yourselves to execute


  • Group Assignment (4 to 5 students per group)
  • 2 deliverables
    • Part 1 – From megatrends to targeted value network role
    • Part 2 – Capture value within targeted value network role

Individual assignment 2 – Due Friday January 27th at 10:00.

Zoom in on 2 to 3 industries or challenges that may be fitting the requirements for the main assignment, see above. Chose major industry that you expect to be experiencing major changes or disruption. The industry is in, or soon likely to be, disrupted/transformed. The following should be submitted for each industry:

  • The challenge
  • The industry and the size of the industry
  • Trends or technologies that may have a major impact on the specific industry and what the possible effects may be
  • New roles value chain/network roles are likely to arise (there should be roles fitting the requirements of the may assignment)
  • What others say about this potential transformation or opportunity

Mail 1 slide per industry including the above content to both Martin ( and Kent ( Your chosen challenges/industries will be posted on this site to facilitate the group formation.

Group assignment 1 – Due Tuesday January 31st at 09:00

Form groups (6 groups of 5) and prioritize the alternative opportunities (see Individual Assignment 2 and Teams). Give the rational for priorities made. What are the key issue/problem to resolve to complete the assignment given the chosen industry. Describe how you plan to resolve the issue. For group formation see suggested areas by all students posted. Mail Martin group constellation and the above in a Word document (max 2 pages).

Individual assignment 3 – Due Tuesday January 31st at 09:00

In preparation for the foresighting session Tuesday, read the post The rebirth of the car industry – disruption driven by communication technology as well as the Economist article (other liked material is optional). Let me know ASAP if you have an issue accessing the Economist article. Write a comment to the post giving your view (about 200-300 words) on most of the questions: The prediction of this development is not new, but is the timing now right? Let’s assume The Economist got it all right, how will then this impact the industry? What are the underlying driving forces that make this happen now? How will our use of the car change and what further implications will this have? What issues do you see and what may be concerns?

Also prepare by looking at one video at Sign up for Coursera and the course The Impact of Technology. Watch the video A Historical Example (third video first week in the welcome module) regarding the development of the fridge market/industry.

Individual assignment 4 – Due Friday February 3rd at 10:00

Read the post Is disruptive not disruptive anymore? and look at the two short videos. Click on the two last links. Write a short comment with your reflections and give one example of an disruptive innovation. Try not to repeat innovations mention in the videos or by other students giving comments before you. (Commenting fast is thereby an easier task!)

Group assignment 2 – Due Friday February 3rd at 10:00

Perform an initial industry analysis for the selected industry. You need to acquire knowledge about the specific industry in detail. Initially include at least the following.

  • Industry scope
  • Size and growth
  • Structure
  • Main players
  • New entrants
  • Trends
  • Impact of new technologies
  • Main issues

Always ask yourself: Why? Why does it look this way? Why do they have these issue? Why these new entrants? Etc. Etc. Try to extract some interesting patterns and possible developments. Submit the result as a Word file in pdf format and include relevant facts (give references). 6 to 10 pages in total. See to that you divide the work in between you to get a good coverage and workload per member. Mail the file to Martin (

Group assignment 3 part 1 – Due Tuesday February 7th 09:00

Picture your vision of the chosen industry/market. Focus on an about 15 to 20 year perspective. Extrapolate present trends and think about how the present technology may be beneficial if fully utilized. What changes will this development drive? The vision should be possible and rather likely, but still differ significantly to the present situation. Describe your future scenario in 1 page of text including main deltas compared to today. Mail the text as a pdf to Martin ( and Kent (

Group assignment 3 part 2 – Due Friday February 10th 10:00

Make a sequential backcasting for the selected scenario. Follow the same process and format as was used in class. The result should be presented similar to the one we did in class using two slides (one with the pros, cons and concerns and one with the three phases and the triggers). Mail the two slides as a pdf to Martin ( and Kent (

Individual assignment 5 – Due Tuesday February 14th 09:00.

Read the post 3D printing – The emergence of a new industry structure, and a selection of linked material depending on your personal preferences. Write a comment to the post giving your view regarding how this new industry structure may evolve and what new roles we may see emerge.

Group assignment 4 – Due Friday February 17th 10:00

Build a value network for the industry you target. Use the same methodology as used in class to make sure you capture all the most important roles and their interdependencies. Given the main assignment target, chose the 3 to 5 most attractive roles to take. State strengths and weaknesses of the chosen roles and rank them individually. Mail the value network, the roles with strengths and weaknesses and your ranking of the roles to Martin ( and Kent (

Group assignment 5 – Due Tuesday February 21st

Get second opinions regarding your views on the industry and the predicted development. Interview someone knowledgeable about the area (try to find someone at KTH, Vinnova, from the industry, an investor, a journalist or why not try to contact a real knowledgeable expert anywhere in the world – they may respond to a well phased mail, etc.). Make one short interview per team member. You have deliberately been given this assignment on short notice. Aim high but adjust depending of what you can manage. Write 1 to 2 pages per team including your main conclusions. Mail this to Martin ( and Kent (

Group assignment 6 – Due Tuesday February 28th 09:00

Prepare and be ready to make a 10 minute (5 to 8 slides?) presentation to convince a potential “investor” (or someone else funding the continuation of the project) that the the chosen area is worth while investigating further. I guess the presentation will cover something like: Industry addressed; Rational (trends tech impact etc.) including value; Basis for projections; Industry structure; Affected existing players; Value chain/network analysis; Targeted value network role/s; Planned next steps. Mail the presentation to Martin ( and Kent ( The dry run is to prepare you to be able to convince QVARTZ that this is an area where there will significant money to make (EUR 100 million in turnover within 5 years) and that addressable opportunities are available.

Group assignment 7 – Due Thursday March 2nd 13:00

Prepare a Questions & Answers, Q&A, covering at least 20 questions that you guess you may get when presenting at QVARTZ. Mail the Q&A to Martin ( and Kent (

Group assignment 8 – Due Tuesday March 21st 09:00

Each group should hand in a report (1400 to 1800 words, excluding attachments) covering the first part of the main assignment (from megatrend to targeted value network role). Write a text aiming to convince others (an investor, potential partner or a large corporation) about that you have an opportunity worth investigating further. The content should cover the same as the presentation at QVARTZ, but you should take given feedback at the presentation into account and make needed adjustments and/or additions. Mail the report to Martin ( and Kent (

Individual assignment 6 – Due Friday March 24th 10:00

Read the post The Business Idea Revisited including linked material and write a short comment giving your view on the subject.

Group assignment 9 – Due Tuesday March 28th 09:00

Analyze at least three companies aiming for the same value network role as you plan to target. Focus on their business idea and answer the following questions: What’s their business idea? What are they selling to whom? What could have been alternative business ideas in the same role? What may be weaknesses in their approach? Mail this (not more than 2 pages of text) to Martin.

Group assignment 10 – Due Tuesday April 4th 09:00

Complete and take a photo of one first version (one customer segment) of your business model canvas. Chose the three most critical assumptions. Describe how you plan to verify/challenge these assumptions through external contacts (interview or similar). Mail the picture (check so that it’s possible to read) of the canvas, the three most critical assumptions/guesses, and the plan how to verify on these assumptions/guesses to Martin and Kent.

Group assignment 11 – Due Tuesday April 7th 09:00

Phrase a measurable hypothesis for your now most critical or risky assumption. Design an experiment that can validate of falsify this hypothesis. The experiment should be so simple that you yourself are able perform the experiment within a few days. Mail the above to Martin and Kent.

Group assignment 12 – Due Friday April 21st

Alternative 1

Complete the experiment designed in Group assignment 11. Report the result and what you learned from performing the experiment. Mail this to Martin.

Alternative 2

If the experiment designed in Group assignment 11 was discovered to be complicated to complete. Re-design the experiment so that it’s is possible to perform within two days. Mail the new design to Martin.

Group assignment 13 – Due Friday April 28th 10:00

If you have chosen Alternative 1 in Group Assignment 12. Design and complete a new experiment with the now most critical assumption. Mail the design and the result and conclusions of the new experiment to Martin.

If you have chosen Alternative 2 in Group Assignment 12. Complete the re-designed experiment. Mail the result and conclusions of the re-designed experiment to Martin.

Group assignment 14 – Due Friday April 28th 10:00

Conclude regarding the Design Sprint session today: the output, the method and how to use the output in your projects. Please also submit a picture of the mapping of the ideas. Mail this to Martin.

Group assignment 15 – Due Tuesday May 9th 09:00

Write the storyline of your final report. The storyline is not the report structure or headlines, but the structure and content elements of the story you plan to tell to convince the reader and convey and support the key message. Use maximum about 400 words. Mail your storyline to Martin.

Group assignment 16 – Due Tuesday May 16th 09:00

Complete and document your stakeholder analysis and risk matrix. Include pictures of your stakeholder analysis table and matrix, the risk management matrix as well as a short text about how you plan to handle or mitigate the most significant risks. Mail this to Martin.

Group assignment 17 – Due Wednesday May 17th 13:00

Write a short (about 1/3 of a page) presentation/teaser regarding your main assignment. This it to prepare and brief the BCG consultants you will meet on Friday. Include the project name as well as your own names. Make them interested to hear more about this opportunity. Mail the the brief to Martin and Kent.

Individual Assignment 7 – Due Tuesday May 30th 09:00

Write a 100 to 200 word testimonial about the course. What have you did learn and who you would recommend to take the course? Mail your testimonial to Martin. Testimonials will be posted on the blog.

Group assignment 18 – Due Friday June 16th 10:00

Each group should hand in a report (1800 to 2200 words, excluding executive summary and attachments) covering the main assignment. Write a text aiming to convince others (an investor, financial or corporate). Remember the overall aim of the main assignment. See distributed guidelines and instructions. Include what’s needed to support and build your argumentation. Take given feedback at the presentations at BCG into account and make needed adjustments or additions. Mail the report to Martin and Kent.