Business Creation is one of the best courses I have attended so far at KTH and I would recommend it to all who want to put creativity into a structure. I learned a lot of useful tools to structure my own ideas and steps I need to take when I am thinking about creating my own business model out of an idea and on the other hand I got the time directly put what I have learned into practice. Also the social aspect of the course was great. I met a lot of interesting people from venture capitalists and app founders to enthusiastic students like me. So the total package of course was simply a “masterpiece”. Even the workload is worth mentioning it since it was always interesting there is no space for complaints at this point.

Maximilian G

I would highly recommend this course if you are interested in creating your own business. It covers large parts of the startup process; from business ideation to searching investors. The learning is facilitated by alternating between lectures and project work. This seems to be one of few courses where you really can use what you’ve learned further on. One of the best courses on KTH according to me, so far.

Erik W

This course has been super interesting and educational. The setup has been different and created other sorts of learning opportunities compared with more traditional courses. The most interesting part I think have been the fact that we have learned about tools, theories and ways of analyzing the market and then in the next step we have used this knowledge on our own project.
I also feel that I improved in identifying areas in which there are potential and seeing new business opportunities. Even if the course has been a little stressful from time to time it is very valuable working in groups and discussing different perspectives. In addition to this I think it has been interesting to visit companies and getting new perspectives.
For students thinking about this course I would like to point out that you should think about your chosen area carefully since the course is pretty much built up around this. You should also be prepared for small assignments every week. But in conclusion, I can promise you that this is a very giving and interesting course if you give it a chance!

Hedda G

Business creation have been one of the best courses I’ve taken at KTH. We learned how to find and evaluate the impact of technological, behavioural and economical trends. Then we learned frameworks for identifying business opportunities based on these trends. The course presented many real world examples and we visited a lot interesting companies. In addition to learning about technology and business we learned how to structure presentations and reports targeted towards investors. My view is that practical skills was prioritised over text-book theories.
I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship, technology and the future.

Manne L

During this course I have learned a lot about what it actually entails when starting a business. The course is an excellent in supplying additional tools that most definitely will come in handy in future, both when starting a business yourself or to evaluate other startups. Furthermore, there are several techniques and methods (processes) that were previously unknown to me that I will utilize in the future. The methods I found to be the most interesting was the backcasting/forecasting methods and the lean startup theory. I recommend this course to everyone who seeks to understand why certain companies will succeed and why others won’t. Additionally, the course entails many interesting guest lectures and field trips which almost on its own is enough to take this course.

Carl Axel W

I would strongly recommend the course for anyone that wants to learn more about business creation and be inspired how to develop a solid business idea. I learned a lot of new hands-on tools and models that are great when developing a business idea. One thing that I have learned is that you do not wake up one morning with a brilliant business idea, the creation of a good idea requires time and hard work. The course structure helped you follow a path towards the goal to create a business idea but at the same time the structure did not constrain you to be creative and innovative. I liked that the class were small which opened up for discussion and that the work in group were similar to the work in real life which is good practice. After this course I know how to find a megatrend and within that trend create a business opportunity, which is a very interesting process.

Elin M

In this course I learned a lot of new theories about primarily two different areas
a) How to start a business, what can make it a success or a failure
b) How to think big and forecast the future within an industry and based upon that build a business idea
I also learned to take a new approach to business cases, as a result of new perspectives gained from e.g. the forecasting and entry/exit theories that were new to me. I had a lot of fun putting the business modelling theories into practice in our group project, although it was actually challenging to have so much freedom.
I think the course Business creation is the course for you if you like to be creative, challenged and sometimes go a little crazy and really think outside the box.

Julia H

Enjoyable, demanding yet rewarding are definitely some of the words that I would use to describe the course Business Creation. This course has truly been a journey filled with tasks and material to enhance understanding and learning about the subject as well as undertakings that has made it possible to develop and strengthen some of my own personal weaknesses. Compared to other entrepreneurship oriented courses, Business Creation has through closer contact with the real life business environment given me a broader insight in some of the creative processes relevant for business ventures. The material and learning methods during the course was all formed in a very pedagogical and interesting way and in combination with the high class guest lectures and fascinating study visits, the learning environment has truly been pedagogical and natural to thrive in.
With reference to the visit to Wrapp where Aage Reerslev described their journey as a pivoted start up, the trip to SEB where David Sonnek explained the structure of venture capital concepts through his own experiences and the valuable feedback given from Quartz and BCG, -one could easily say that this course has delivered real life contact at a very high level. Through elements like this it has been easier than usual to grasp the substances within this course which I am sure, that I am not alone of. For instance, the group work of creating a business idea has largely been affected by our constantly developed understanding given by each lecture/homework/assignment which often was shown in our recurring group sessions. With reference to the words I initially used to describe the course I would like to stress the great joy this course has given me. Not many courses offer this great intimacy and social environment in class due to the number of students and not often a group work overlapping a whole semester. This has definitely given me a great opportunity to gain knowledge from other perspectives and also developing new friendships. All in all, Business Creation has truly been enjoyable, demanding yet rewarding!

Marcus N

I found the business creation track very interesting. It was fun how we from mega trends managed to finds a detailed business idea, which we then evolved into business plans. We went through different tools in theory and what made this course so much better than others were that we also used them in practice. What made this course good for me as an individual was the variation in lectures/seminars, which included field visits active participation, classical lectures and small cases. We also got feedback from companies which is not that common (at least compared to the other courses I’ve read) which made it more fun and it gave us an extra source of feedback. I would recommend this course for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and see themselves working with businesses in an early stage, or with companies going through a pivot.

Rebecca F

Business Creation is one of the best I courses I have taken during my time at KTH. The course combines theory, individual assignments, group work, discussions and company visits in a very fun, challenging and inspiring way. It’s a demanding course (you have to be ready to put in a lot of work every week) but also very rewarding: it has not only made me think about business opportunities differently, but has given me insight into the industry dynamics and provided me with tools that I’m sure will come in handy in my future career. The fact that the final presentations were held at management consultancy firms added to the fun and made the assignment feel much more real!

Charlotte F

I would recommend this course to a person that wants to learn how to understand and analyze ongoing mega trends and how you could create business opportunities on these trends. This course, one of the best I have taken at KTH, will give you the opportunity to create your own idea and give you tools and models during the different stages of development. Finally your business idea will be presented and questioned as if it were a real investor scenario. This course have helped me understand the complexity when creating a successful business idea and not only taught me about theories but actually given me the opportunity to try the theories in reality. By combining case work, guest lecturer and company visits this course will give you an understanding for the different areas when creating a business.

Elin S

Well, I believe that I have learned how to go from a first idea and turn it into a valid business idea. How to take it from a broad perspective to a niched idea. There are different ways of getting there and we have learned a few of them. I have also learned that you can have an idea and then change it totally for something better and that is a good thing. I would recommend this course to someone who wants a dynamic way of learning and thinks it is okay with constant assignments with sometimes very short deadlines.

Alycia S

I really found Business Creation an educational and interesting course. It differs from other subjects within industrial engineering with more of a hand-on approach. What I value most from this course is the knowledge how to identify trends and how to stepwise create a business out of them. The lectures and assignments combined with company-visits gave a broad perspective on entrepreneurship. I would recommend this course to all students that want to develop their analytical skills, since the tools can be applied to other areas than entrepreneurship.  The course also is a great opportunity to meet relevant companies and get an insight in their work. ​

Carolina M

I was truly impressed by this course and its ability to formalise a subject that is normally hard to define. A lot of good frameworks has been covered and I think there was a good balance between theory and practical activity. To visit companies and present our final products in a real setting enhanced my learning experience. I would recommend this course to someone who is curious about entrepreneurship and wants to get a thorough walkthrough on what it takes and how one could approach new business ideas.

Morgan A

It was interesting to look at and analyze big markets and get deeper insights about what is happening and what is probably going to change in a near future by identifying megatrends . The company visits gave a stronger connection to actual business and entrepreneurship without too much focus on the startup community and the trendiness of being an entrepreneur. More was the focus on the actual business and how to go from thought to action.
I believe that this course is suitable for anyone interested in starting their own business or maybe invest in startups through one of the many crowdfunding sites.

Erica D

The course business creation gave me the possibility to see opportunities in mega trends which are changing the world we live in. We were able to build up a business idea that could change the grocery market and jump on trends that are just starting. The guest lectures and company visits were outstanding and gave real and honest insides into start up life. It is not something were I could implement my existing idea. This course is something for people who like to think big, and change something starting from the small.
Due to the fact, that the idea is within one industry and by iterating this over and over I did get deep understanding of the grocery industry.
It was necessary to implement most of my knowledge, additionally it was demanding and heavily time consuming, but in regard of the opportunities very motivating, but that is depending on finding a lucky idea. But in my opinion, the best course I have ever taken.

Esko N

When summarizing what I have learned during this course, it is not a set of policies or recipes on how to create a business. Instead the main point of the course is a perspective, on how to tackle problems and how to create ideas. By first studying the megatrends you are forced to adopt a broader perspective on what ideas are possible, from there you then derive a business idea with all the details that are needed for that, but not before you have thoroughly considered the horizon. This forces you to be more creative and consider new possibilities.
I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in interested in working with management in general and startups in particular.

Christoffer F



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