The 2017 Business Creation students

Louise Lindberg

My name is Louise Lindberg. I am studying my 5th year of Industrial Management with the specialization within Product Realization. I am interested in learning how you can see what ideas that will be successful and how to find or choose your future business. Furthermore, since we are in a big transformation of digitalization where there are many opportunities I hope to understand what will be the future technology that companies will use and what will be the future businesses.

Elin Melin Hamber

My name is Elin Melin Hamber. I’m 23 years old and comes from Stockholm. I’m studying the fourth year in industrial engineering and management with focus on energy systems and sustainable environment. Last semester I studied as an exchange student in Hong Kong which was one of the most fun things I have done in my life. My studies require a lot of time but during my spare time I like to exercise and be with friends and family.

Erica Dragon

My name is Erica Dragon and I study my fourth year of Industrial Engineering and Management with focus on energy production. I want to learn more about Business Creation to be able to make good investments and to improve my entrepreneurial skills.

Jonathan Gunnarsson

My name is Jonathan Gunnarsson and I study my fourth year at Industrial engineering and management, with a master in integrated product engineering. I chose this track as I find business creation interesting, to look at global trends, analyzing and trying to predict what might be the ”next big thing”.  It is challenging and mind-broadening which I find exiting and really fun.

Marcus Nilsson

As an industrial engineering student in 4th grade, I have great interest and ambitions towards the area of entrepreneurship and start up business. The fascination is rooted in the fact that the possible gains from idea generating must not only come from the idea creator since business ventures offers a whole spectra of opportunities. By learning more about entrepreneurship and business creation I certainly hope that these experiences will benefit my future engagements. I do not see myself as an idea generator, but I do hope that I will contribute to business executions with my knowledge and energy.

Esko Nielson

I am Esko Nielson, 23 years old, German + Finnish citizen and enrolled in industrial engineering and management double degree program between TU Darmstadt and KTH. This track has captured my interest, because the knowledge how a successful organization is structured, characterised and lead plus how products could be designed and produced I have knowledge of. But to find out with which idea to start with I am really interested in, so with the focus on market and megatrend analyse plus the actual conduction suggestion as major points I hope to get some original and diverse ideas.

Fabian Assarsson

My name is Fabian Assarsson, studying industrial engineering and management, enlisted in the machine learning master in computer science. Together with two other students from our programme, we are setting up a new company with all the challenges it entails. This track corresponds well to the questions we are facing going forward, so it was the natural choice!

Charlotte Fahnehjelm

My name is Charlotte Fahnehjelm and I’m studying my 4th year at Industrial Engineering and Management, specializing in Product Realization. I’ve chosen this track since I want to increase my understanding of how to identify and seize opportunities that are created in business environments that are characterized by technological change. In addition to finding it interesting to analyze how value can be created in these environments, I also believe that I will have great benefits of the gained knowledge in my future career.

Martin Olsson

My name is Martin Olsson and I am currently studying my fourth year of industrial engineering with a focus on energy systems, specifically power generation. I chose this track because it seemed liked the most interesting track by far and fit me the best. One reason for this is that I feel like I can use my knowledge from past courses to complete this course, but it’s still something new and not just pure continuation. Because of this I am really looking forward to this semester and I am sure that it will go well!


My name is Maximilian and I am currently studying industrial engineering and management in a double degree master program of KTH and TU Darmstadt. Initially I started my career with an apprentice as an industrial mechanic but decided after it to achieve more and went to university. After my bachelor I took the opportunity of lifetime and went to Sweden.I chose this course because my dream is it to run my own business. I really hope to learn about necessary elements needed to identify a potential gold mine and create my own start-up out of this.

Elin Stenlöf

Hi, my name is Elin Stenlöf and I am studying my fourth year of Industrial Management and Engineering with the technical track Medical Biotechnology. I would describe myself as a creative, goal-oriented and ambitious person with a particular interest in cooking and outdoor activities such as sailing, skiing, hiking, you name it. During my last year in high-school I participated in a project called “Ung företagsverksamhet” with the goal of developing a new business. This was the starting point of my interest in business creation and I chose this course because I wanted a creative challenge and an increased understanding of the future market areas.


My name is Joakim, 23 years of age going on my 24th. I’m currently studying Optimization and Systems theory within the Industrial Management Master. I chose Business Creation because I’m fascinated about what creates value and how it can be optimized. I live in an apartment in Solna with my girlfriend of four years. I’m involved in a lot of activities around our student association, presently on the board and project manager of our outdoor concert, Kravallen. In my spare time, I spend an unhealthy amount reading and watching American Football. While there is no games on I usually spend as much time with my friends as possible.

Oskar Brunqvist

My name is Oskar Brunqvist. I’m a fourth year student at KTH applied mathematics where I specialise in systems theory and optimisation. A part from my studies I’ve been working part time as a risk manager at SBAB and before that as a customer service advisor at SEB. I originally wanted to take the advance finance course, however since the course schedule differs from the office schedule for ME2312 I was unable to combine the schedule with that of my other master courses. Anyway I hope that this course in business creation will be, as they say, a happy coincidence proving to be far more interesting than advance finance.

Morgan Andersson

Hi, my name is Morgan Andersson! I am turning 28 years old in march and I grew up in the outskirts of Nacka. I am studying Industrial engineering and management combined with computer science. This is my first year at master level where I specialised in machine learning. I chose this course since I love product development and finding new business opportunities. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs and I’ve been coloured by that fact, for better or worse. I hope that this course will broaden my way of thinking about business creation.

Rebecca Forstén Klinc

My name is Rebecca Forstén Klinc and I’m studying my fourth year of Industrial Management and Economics with a Computer Science specialization. I chose this track because in order to improve within an area I find interesting and feel that I lack knowledge. How external factors such as global trends and challenges influences the market can help me gain knowledge on how to predict what areas are interesting when investing money as well as creating a start-up with high turnover goals. I think that this course/track is a entrepreneurial course that will help me gain a lot of knowledge.

Erik Wedin

Hi, my name is Erik Wedin. I’m 22 years old and study Mechatronics as the masters track. I chose that track due to an interest in electronics and simply ’building stuff’. So far I have been very satisfied with the given courses in most cases. I think that Bussiness Creation has the potential to be a course where you can use a lot of the acquired knowledge in the future work life. I really like the approach of ’is this the right thing to do?’, rather than ’how do we do it best?’. I think that is a wise thing to do, even in your normal tasks. Besides from studying at KTH I play competitive tennis and work part-time with constructing and designing child prams.

Alycia Sundqvist

Hi! My Name is Alycia Sundqvist and I am currently studying my 4th year at the Industrial Engineering program within energy systems. I love food and wine in combination and have been working as a waitress and head waitress for many years parallel with my studies. I am currently working as a credit analyst at a fin tech startup and enjoy that too. I have always had a close relationship to different kinds of business, small or big, as most of my family has their own companies. I find it very interesting and maybe I will follow in their footsteps.

Julia Sporre

My name is Julia Sporre. I come from a small city in the southern of Sweden called Värnamo and moved to Stockholm almost four years ago. I’m studying Industrial engineering and management with human-computer interaction as specialization at KTH. I chose the track business creation because I the content is interesting and hopefully I get to practice this kind of knowledge in my future working life.

Hedda Gunnarson

My name is Hedda Gunnarson. Currently studying my fourth year in Industrial Engineering and Management with a focus in Energy systems and Sustainable Development. I chose this course because I find the idea of working with business development within a company very interesting. I am hoping this course will provide me with the tools I need to improve my ability to see business opportunities.

Julia von Heijne

My name is Julia von Heijne and I’m studying my fourth year in Industrial Engineering and Management, orientation Computer Science and Communication. I have chosen to study Business Creation because I’m interested in IT startups. I also love to create, and this course gives me an opportunity to do so.

Fredrik Lundeberg

Hi my name is Fredrik Lundeberg. I study industrial engineering and management with mechatronics as my technical orientation. I chose the track business creation because I think it sounds fun to work in a group with a business idea during the entire course. It will be interesting to see how the project evolves. Also I believe it will be educational to identify and analyze mega market trends and different industries and what strategies to use in order to create value in the targeted field. 

Emelie Wängborg

My name is Emelie Wängborg and Im currently in my fourth year of the Industrial engineering program with the specialization computer science. I choose this track mainly out of curiosity concerning entrepreneurship and future technological development which makes global impact. Secondly, it is to understand what and why the global economy looks the way it is today. Lastly it was because of the course structure with a theoretical part first and then the more practical one, which I think is a good way to really build an understanding for a course’s content. 

Manne Larsson

My name is Manne Larsson. I’m currently studying the 4th year of industrial engineering and management with a specialization in computer science. I look forward to learn more about analyzing trends and applying theory and creativity to identify business opportunities.

Carolina Myrin

Hi! My name is Carolina Myrin. I study Industrial Engineering and Management with specialization on Biotechnology. I chose this track since I maybe would like to create my own business in the future. Furthermore it seemed like a good track for practicing the skills we acquired so far in the education and for getting an insight in a possible future career.

Emir Isakovic

My name is Emir Isakovic and I’ve chosen this track because I’m passionate about realizing my ideas and I wish to learn more about being a disciplined entrepreneur. Partly to be able to run a business more efficiently, partly to analyze trends and find new opportunities. My field is integrated production and I’m mainly interested in the creation of products that serve the environment and that are profitable at the same time.

Robin Lundberg

My name is Robin Lundberg, I am doing my fourth year of Industrial Engineering and Management with my specialization being within computer science. I chose this track because I believe entrepreneurship is very fun. I have some experience of entrepreneurship but I hope this course can improve my ability to identify trends and capitalize on them. Looking forward to learn from you and working with like-minded students.


My name is Edwin and I’m studying my first year of my master’s in computer science. I enjoy coding and solving tough problems, and I’m mainly interested in exploring ICT related business models and the challenges they present. I chose this course because it is unique in its kind in terms of identifying and acting upon global trends from an entrepreneurial point of view. It is interesting to learn what they don’t teach at the technical courses about starting up a business, and I look forward to meeting and being inspired by the companies and guest lecturers.

Christoffer Fagerberg

Studying Industrial engineering and management. Decided to go into this field of study due to an interest in managment theory and especially its application within the field of the communications industry and IT, and after my studies are completed I hope to work within this field. Before I entered university I served in the military for a time and also worked with politics for a couple of years. Beside my studies I enjoy a lot of sports, especially alpine skiing and floorball.

Alexander Eriksson

My name is Alexander Eriksson I’m a 4th year Industrial Engineering student, and one of few students with the focus on biotechnology. Besides my studies I have serious competitive sporting endeavors, and run a small Coaching business. In the future I have ambitions to work with medicine, agriculture, or health – wherever my path leads me – therefore I choose this course to find my way into creating businesses according to my interests.

Carl Axel Wiborg

My name is Carl Axel Wiborg, I am 27 years old from Oslo and I’m currently in my fourth year at Industrial Engineering and management at KTH with specialization within energysystems and sustainable development. My reasons for choosing energysystems and moreover renewable energy is that I see a growing demand for sustainable energy solutions and a current gap of knowledge in the industry due to the rapid development in parity for renewables. Furthermore, I believe that understanding the fundamentals of entrepreneurship will become important in the future as I plan to hopefully start my own business venture in the future.

Gustav Kjellin

My name is Gustav Kjellin, 23 years old from Skåne. I work weekends at Apple, and spend evenings and spare time making websites and designing stuff for a couple of different clients. I’m currently in my fourth year at Industrial Engineering and Management. My specialization is in computer science, more specifically in human-computer interaction.
I took a course in trendspotting at SSES this fall, and this course seems like its got some things in common with it, but with more focus on the economical aspects. I was also told that I’d enjoy this track by students who’ve taken it previously.

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